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Here’s The Tea On Walmart Membership & 3 reasons Why You Need It

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Did you guys know about Walmart+ a new kind of membership? If not please allow me to introduce you guys to it. Just a heads up I’ve been a fan of Walmart Curbside pickup since around this time last year, so this membership is right up my alley! This membership offers great in-store and online benefits. As a single mother who also runs her own business, I love anything that helps make my life a little easier. Here are 3 reasons why you need this Walmart + Membership.

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1. Convenient online shopping:  

A Walmart Membership offers free delivery from your store on orders with a $35 minimum in areas where delivery is available. You can also get groceries the same day, restrictions may apply. I don’t know about you guys but this is top-notch especially when it comes to having a busy schedule.

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2. Save Money

That’s right you can save money a Walmart Membership. With this membership, you pay member prices on gas. How about saving 5 ¢ each per gallon at Walmart and Murphy gas stations?  Now that’s a deal!

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3. Fast + Easy In-Store Shopping experiences: 

Now, this has to be my favorite part of this Walmart + Membership.  Mobile scan & go: when you’re shopping in-store, you can check out with your phone as you shop. This is perfect for when you just need to make a quick Walmart run.

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Now are you ready to cross over to the good life and start your 15-day free trial? Visit Walmart + sign up page here to check out all of the benefits based on your location. Heads up the membership is ONLY $98 for the year of $12.95 per month. Let’s check back in later this month to share how this membership is changing your life! Sign up HERE

Thanks, Walmart for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own.



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