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We Take Miami “Condo Style” Review

You guys know I love me some Miami, I normally travel there alone (I need my me time) but this I time I decided to take the family with me.

My family and I decided to take a last minute vacation this year, last minute trips can often be more expensive but it’s safe to say we saved a lot of money. If you follow me on instagram you already know about my mother having brain cancer and for the past year it has been lots of ups and downs for us., this trip was just what we needed!

When planning this trip the first thing I thought about was something that we all could enjoy that wouldn’t cost so much. We knew that are family in Florida had planned a family reunion, so we decided to take a road trip to Florida. Since we all love the beach and Miami beach is almost as good as it gets when compared the Caribbean beaches, I went ahead and booked a 5 night stay in Miami.

Last time I was in Miami I decided to not stay on South Beach and I got way more for my money by staying on Sunny Isles Beach. Sunny Isles Beach is more like north Miami beach and it’s only a 15- 20 min ride to/from South Beach . In the Sunny Isles area it’s less crowed with tourist and you get wayyyyy more for your money. You can rent out 2 bedroom condos for the same price of an 1 bedroom hotel room on South Beach. This time around I went the condo/apartment route, I found an owner who rented their condo via . This condo had 2bedrooms/bathrooms, furnished sun terrace, full kitchen and a washer and dryer. I was excited to see a washer and dryer because I sure don’t like to go home with dirty cloths. You also have access to an out door pool/hot tub and fitness room. After visiting here, I looked at buying a condo for myself and if you’re interested in them too, why not take a look at brentwood condos for sale.


I was pretty impressed by how much this condo looked exactly like the pictures being used to advertise. But I was a little disappointed to see that there weren’t enough towels/wash cloths (had to run to the local Walmart to grab a few). I also wish that there would had been a cleaning person at least once or twice during our 5 day stay to take out the trash and clean the floors, because there was broom and no info on where to empty trash. The pool is where we spent most of our time and to be honest if felt like we were an 5 star resort. The condo also had WiFi and basic cable and I cooked every night to save money. Overall I would recommend a stay at the Intracoastal Yacht Club via and , just be sure to read all reviews on each owner and bring towels just in case lol.

Compared to a 3 star one bedroom hotel on South Beach for 5 nights my total savings was $309. I saved a little on our mini family vacation and we had a blast.









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