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What about your Friends

This post is out of the norm but it is a must read…..
We all have some close friends that we care about and at times you may wonder why is your friend choosing to go down that dark road…..Above all you have to understand no matter what he/she is still your friend and you will never understand until you yourself is put into them same situation…Now on to the point of this post….Over the years I have grown to love one of my close friends like a sister…When I first met her I was amazed with how someone so young (18) could be so independent as far as having their on home, job and car. Above that she is a really down to earth girl…I’m much of an observer so I knew from day one she had a story and had a lot of anger built up inside by the way she would act out about things. Never less we still remain friends over 6 years later don’t get me wrong of course we have had our ups and downs but what friends don’t I love this girl to death.. Within the last 4 years she has been in a relationship off and on with one person and I would have to say it has not been healthy relationship. This past year I began to understand how unhealthy the relationship was. My friend is an abusive relationship physically mentally and verbally. Don’t get it wrong as I told you earlier my friend has and anger issue so both parties are to blame as far as abuse taking place…But when is it enough???? Abuse is abuse….. In no way shape or form should a man beat a women like she’s a man herself, yet a women shouldn’t push a man to his limit….We are all human and at times things can get out of hand but as an adult you have to think before you react…My friend has been to hell and back. I tend to get caught up in her situation (which is not a bad thing but I get real emotional) I try to make her understand her worth, my goal is to let her know that she doesn’t have to continue down that road, but at the end of the day she has to find her own way…When you’re in abusive relationship you can loose yourself and be tricked to believe that you’re not worth anything and you can’t live without your spouse….I can go on but I have to stop here. (Part 2 will be up asap)… To all who have read please provide encouraging words for not only my friend but to others who might in the same situation….



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