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When Your Mini-Me Matches Your Fly

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I’ve waited so long for moments like this: When my mini-me can match my fly! It’s no surprise that I’m a plus girl but can you imagine wanting to match with your daughter and not being able to find styles in both of your sizes? Well, now that Alayjah is growing up and pushing teen sizes we can finally match each other’s fly! Here’s to our first “Match My Fly” series featuring our new favorite boyfriend jeans.

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My daughter is my mini-me and I love that she is stepping into her own. Now, as far as a style I’m starting to notice that we have some of the same taste – comfy and chic (I’m grown so I’ll add daring LOL). I won’t be surprised if someone gifts me these matching T-shirts as part of my Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts, and I would be really glad they do! We really have great shopping experiences and agree on most of the same styles. We recently fell in love with these boyfriend jeans and I was overly excited because they were available in both of our sizes.

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Boyfriend jeans used to be a favorite of mine – now I hardly see any being sold in my size. I guess we lucked up when we saw these boyfriend jeans available at American Eagle. If you haven’t noticed AE offers almost all their jeans/shorts in sizes 0-24, which is perfect for curvy girls like me who might just want to snag the same pair of jeans for my mini-me.

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As far as sizing I wanted my boyfriend jeans to fit a little baggy so I sized up to a 20 and Alayjah is rocking a size 12. Now the big question: Did my mini-me match my fly?

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